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Cambridge Genomic Services

Next-Generation Sequencing, Microarray and Analysis

Studying at Cambridge



CGS offers Next-Generation Sequencing on the NextSeq 500 and Miseq instruments from Illumina as well as the HiSeq 4000 for large projects. We are also working with the Enright lab on Oxford Nanopore technologies and Single-cell sequencing via the 10x Chromium platform.


  • Free advice
  • Sample Quality Control 
  • Library Preparation
  • Data Quality Control 
  • Data analysis
  • Project tracking and reporting via our LIMS system (Clarity from Genologics)



NGS Application Table.jpg



NextSeq spec table

MiSeq spec table



Technology Development

4 flow-cells performing parallel sequencing of direct RNA molecules in the laboratory.

Oxford Nanopore sequencing setup with 4 MinIon flow cells performing Direct RNA sequencing. 

Single Cell Sequencing on the 10x Chromium Platform. (Jack Monahan)

Single-cell sequencing in murine cells and analysis. Jack Monahan working with the O'Carroll Laboratory (University of Edinburgh).