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Cambridge Genomic Services

Next-Generation Sequencing, Microarray and Analysis

Studying at Cambridge



CGS has a wealth of knowledge and experience working with RNA samples and very often handle difficult samples with low amounts or degraded. We have a very good understanding of the necessary quality criteria to ensure the generation of good quality data. We put great emphasis on discussing the experimental design and the quality available to select the best approach and ensure we meet your objectives.



  • Free advice on experimental design, choice of arrays and assays.
  • Verification of sample concentration on the SpectroStar (BMG Labtech) and quality using Agilent Tapestation 2200.
  • Sample experimental processing. 
  • Data Quality Control (GenomeStudio, R). 
  • Automated/custom data analysis performed by expert
  • Delivery of data via web link, FTP server or BaseSpace