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Cambridge Genomic Services

Next-Generation Sequencing, Microarray and Analysis

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CGS offers whole-transcript profiling on the Affymetrix Gene ST and Clariom S plate arrays. The arrays come in 24 or 96-plate format for Human, Mouse, Rat and numerous models. Please follow this link for more information and list of the arrays available.Affymetrix peg

The great strength of those arrays over others is their design based on a careful selection of probes targeting characteristic exons rather than just the 3 prime end of a gene. This superior array design enables the measurement of gene isoforms and therefore providing you with a more accurate measurement of gene expression levels across the whole transcriptome including non-coding RNA.


The RNA samples are amplified using the Genechip WT Plus kit from Affymetrix. Briefly, the RNA is converted into cDNA, and amplified using a mix of primers to target polyA and non-polyA mRNAs generating biotin-labelled cRNA. The cRNA is then hybridised to the Gene ST array, stained and scanned using the Genetitan.

If quantity or quality is a problem, we use the GeneChip WT pico kit (Affymetrix). This is a method to amplify total RNA from as little as 100 pg.