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Cambridge Genomic Services

Next-Generation Sequencing, Microarray and Analysis

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Automated Pipelines

Our automated pipelines are designed for standard projects, for which the experimental design is common and relatively simple. For example a standard RNA-Seq or methylation experiment would be to compare two groups to generate a list of differentially expressed genes or methylated loci.  

The pipelines were designed following best practices in accordance with the type of analysis. Depending on the application different tools will be used, all the tools used and their version are referenced in the analysis report. 

An hour consultation or phone call to discuss the report and results can be requested.

Briefly the analysis is as follows:


Next-Generation Sequencing Analysis Automated Pipeline

  • Pre-processing of the reads: trimming of the reads, QC pre- and post-trimming 

  • Mapping of the reads 

  • Mapping QC 

  • Read count / methylation extraction / peak calling / variant calling (depending on the application)

  • Comparisons between groups 
  • Report generation 


Microarray Analysis Automated Pipeline

  • Technical and sample QC 

  • Data normalisation / Genotype calling (depending on the application)

  • Post normalisation QC 

  • Comparison between groups 

  • Report generation

  Cambridge High Performance Computing Cluster