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Cambridge Genomic Services

Next-Generation Sequencing, Microarray and Analysis

Studying at Cambridge


Library Preparation

Part of our library preparation service, we will offer advice and guide you in choosing the best approach/kit for your study. We very frequently work on niche projects and will use our technical knowledge to develop a custom solution for you. Do not hesitate to discuss with us your project, we can design your experiment and tailor it to your objectives.

We will check the quality of samples and advise you when necessary should the samples not meet the quality requirements. This could involve replacing samples, cleaning them up or suggest a more suitable solution if available. For more information go to Sample QC.

CGS has worked with numerous kits over the years. Listed below are our preferred assays for the various possible applications. Please let us know if you would like to use a different kit not listed here.


RNA Solutions


DNA Solutions


Lib prep